SWEETSense technology has been used in 15 countries across government, non-profit and for-profit applications in water, sanitation energy and infrastructure.

Solano Gen05 Installation 2019

Internet of Broken Things®

Our technology is used to both study the performance and use of interventions, as well as to improve service delivery in developing countries. The small size and low power consumption of SWEETSense along with ease of integration and deployment make it an ideal platform for monitoring and reporting many types of data.

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We are Driving Improvements to Human Wellbeing

“The IoT and connected sensors are driving improvements to human wellbeing in healthcare, water, agriculture, natural resource management, resiliency to climate change and energy,”

wrote the United Nations and CISCO Systems wrote in a recently published report, Harnessing the Internet of Things for Global Development.

Our team at SweetSense Inc. has conducted numerous studies since 2010 with our own IOT platform within public health interventions. Our results have influenced the design of these interventions, and provided data to enable performance based incentives.

In one recent study in Bangladesh, for instance, our instruments demonstrated more than a 50 percent exaggeration of latrine use compared to household surveys. That result may enable funders and development engineers to rethink how they implement sanitation programs.