Improving transparency, accountability, and cost-effectiveness of remote water, energy, and infrastructure projects


Engineering Firms

Engineering firms are constantly searching for the most cost effective tools to help their clients achieve their objectives cost-effectively and safely. SweetSense's solution offers services of remote monitoring of fixed assets anywhere in the world at a lower cost and with more reliable data quality than any other. 



Agricultural producers are under cost pressure to reduce labor and input costs while also meeting stringent environmental requirements. With SweetSense's solution remote control without compromise is possible. 


Water Managers

Water managers globally are under increasing pressure to keep costs low while providing high quality safe water services to their communities. The rapid advancement of technology-based solutions like SweetSense's has enabled efficiency gains without compromising on control. 

Our Mission. . .

Our mission is to improve transparency, accountability, and cost-effectiveness of remote water, energy, and infrastructure projects to improve health and quality of life.

Internet of Broken Things®


One Technology. Many Applications.

"Internet of Things" sensors are an innovative method to ensure the success of projects around the globe.

Rather than infrequent engagement, remote monitoring systems ensure that community benefits are maintained through continuous secure feedback.

Fixing the Internet of Broken Things

The SweetSense™ platform is designed to combine a variety of accessory sensors with cellular and/or satellite internet-cloud quality connectivity. Accessory sensors include low and self-powered EnOcean transmitters, including custom designs and off-the-shelf products from other vendors.

Low Cost Monitoring Solutions

Connect anything anywhere in the world

With hundreds of SweetSense units deployed in 12 countries, the SweetSense technology is the only robust fully-integrated, compact, low-powered, high resolution data acquisition system on the market specifically targeting the $40 billion annual global development market. SweetSense is used on applications including water pumps, water filters, cookstoves, and latrines, with cellular or satellite based reporting to https://www.sweetsense.space/SweetData where user and performance data is analyzed and graphed online in near-real time.

Our Customers and Partners

The SWEETSense technology package incorporates commercially available front-end sensors and a comparator circuit board. This board samples data at a high rate and sends logged events directly to the internet through GSM or Wi-Fi. Data processing and visualization are supported by the internet-based software program, known as SWEETData.

The SWEETSense technology is adaptable for various applications, such as remote monitoring of water, sanitation, energy, infrastructure solutions, and more. By utilizing distributed in-situ sensors for remote monitoring, it provides valuable evidence for informing the sector and the public about the impacts and challenges of aid projects.

For a visual demonstration of the technology's field applications, you can watch a video.